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Magic Spirit Quartet

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Majid Bekkas has his roots in North African music and a long experience in jazz, which makes him a unique musician who masters both traditional music and modern improvisation. He shared the stage with Joachim Kühn, Pharaoah Sanders, Archie Shepp, Klaus Doldinger, Bassekou Kouyate and many others.

Goran Kajfeš draws his music in very different genres, weaves his sounds from Africa and the Middle East with futuristic jazz impulses marked by classical minimalism. His double album X / Y had been proclaimed as the best jazz album of 2012 by The Independent (UK).

Jesper Nordenström, the keyboard genius, has long been a member of Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Arkestra and played with all the actors of the Swedish music scene.

Drummer Stefan Pasborg is one of Denmark's most brilliant jazz musicians. He had great success with projects such as Ibrahim Electric, Firebirds and his duet with African kora player Dawda Jobarteh. 

Majid Bekkas – Guembri, Oud, Vocal
Goran Kajfeš – Trumpet
Jesper Nordenström – Keyboard
Stefan Pasborg – Drums

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  Morgane Ji

Morgane Ji, born on the island of Réunion, is one of the most extraordinary and talented female singers which you can currently "discover"!

Her voice is frequently compared to the young Tina Turner or to Anastacia, while her musical universe is moving somewhere between Peter Gabriel and Dead Can Dance.

With the charisma of a high priestess, she performs with electric banjo, plays live with sound effects on her voice and is accompanied on stage by equally great musicians on electric guitar, bass and drums. The result is an incredibly powerful and transparent sound that is hypnotizing and danceable at the same time.


Morgane Ji presents her current album "Woman Soldier", with which she was invited in 2019 to festivals in eleven countries in Europe and Africa

and Latin America. If you like multi-faceted, powerful and charismatic female singers, you will fall in love with Morgane Ji!

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