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Bird of melodies and crosses, a migratory bird that perches on the musical traditions of one land to take them to another and creates a new drawing with its flight. In it we discover the clear traces of the Arab-Andalusian music of northern Morocco, the deep traces of the Gnaoua music of the Sahara, the flapping of the Issaoua and other Berber music, the background of the oriental classical maqams and the nearby whistle of jazz.


The musicians that make up Afalkay have gone on a long journey in search of the roots of their traditions, recovering the past to make it present in dialogue, a pure encounter between Eastern, African and Western instruments, between Andalusian culture, the Maghreb and other African traditions: a meeting in which the common emerges, the magic of music as a universal language.


More than a group of music, Afalkay is music that groups together, that brings together knowledge in a single enriched melody. Afalkay, the bird of the tiny island in front of Essaouira, takes flight from the stage and opens a meeting gap in the middle of the sky, where we can live in ecstasy while we listen.

Travel Party: 6

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