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 The French Horn Collective

The French Horn Collective is an ensemble lead by Vincent Raffard on the Trumpet, Guitar and French Vocals, joined by other amazing musicians and talented vocalists.

It’s a fusion of Gypsy Jazz, Traditional Jazz, French Standards, Original Compositions, Electro and Hot Swing, Blues and Gospel.

Vincent Raffard  was very dynamic in the French music scene. He played in prestigious stages such as l’Olympia in Paris and released in 2006 his first album, Célestin.

Right after he took the decision to move to South Florida in 2007 and released his first opus there:

Vincent Raffard EP – 2010

Throughout these years in the US, he went up to form in 2012 The French Horn Collective whose sounds and tones are unique.

Vincent and the band were very prolific with many albums to their credit:


The French Horn, Transit Time – 2014

The French Horn Collective, Hot Club of Miami – 2015

The French Horn Collective, Story d’Amour – 2018

Vincent Raffard EP - 2019

The French Horn Collective, SoundWave – 2021

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